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Now Your Bag Can Strike Back!

Boxing Buddy

Your smart personal trainer.


About The Product

  • Adjustable

    Fits any boxing bag and other round objects, helping you train on offence, defense, and footwork

  • Rotating

    Soft padded arms that simulates opponent strikes at various speeds, pace and intensity

  • Training

    Simulates training with a partner, keeps you on the move, and provides an effective workout

  • Innovative

    Smart app with Bluetooth connection, multiple personalized programs, and progress tracking


About Us

Heavy-bag workouts have many health benefits: enhance aerobic fitness, core stability, coordination, power, stamina, and endurance. (Only hitting the bag is ok, but the bag does not hit back)

We developed the Boxing Buddy to fight back adding additional benefits: increase self-defense skills, reduce stress, improve confidence, lower body stability using hidden squats action avoiding attack.

Boxing Buddy was engineered with the best technology, highest quality. We worked vigorously to provide the best product at an affordable price. (try to compare?)

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Price: $ 499 $299

    The App

    Boxing Buddy smart App gives the best way to maximize your workout. The APP connecting via bluetooth to the Boxing buddy brain and control the arms movement with multiple programs for different workouts.

    Amazing product. 

    Really works on your defensive instincts.
    A real game changer.

    Igor Lazarev

    Pro Boxer

    A must for all mma trainers.

    A must for all mma trainers. 

    Not just another machine to hit, this one hits back.

    Gadi Ben Zimra

    Ex mma fighter and gym owner

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